Airplane, Helicopter & Balloon Rides

Airplane Rides Enjoy a scenic airplane flight at Sky Beckons over the Garden State for two.

You and your guest, along with your pilot, will hop in an airplane and take off from Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown, NJ.


Helicopter RidesWhether you wish to tour the spectacular skyline of New York City from 1500 feet, cruise along the Delaware River, fly over the scenic Pocono Mountains, or photograph your house and town, Sky River will ensure that you get the most from your helicopter flight.

Balloon RidesEnjoy the beautiful views of Northern New Jersey, bordering Pennsylvania, on this aerial adventure in ballooning. Alexandria Balloon Flights and Balloons Aloft will take you and your guest to spot several of New Jersey’s picturesque lakes, valleys, mountains, and state parks on their exciting balloon flights, which are always romantic. No matter which tour you choose, memories of this adventure are sure to last a lifetime.